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@rating Credit Opinions

Insight into a company's capacity to honor its financial commitments

 Four Good Reasons to choose Coface Credit Opinions
  • A quick online indication of a company’s creditworthiness
  • Suggests the amount of credit to extend
  • Uses a global scale, so a @@@ rating in China is the same as it is in Australia
  • Based on Coface underwriting expertise
How Much Credit Should You Extend?


Our @rating Credit Opinions can help you avoid the stress of making credit decisions. Coface created the @rating suite of products as an online method for easily and reliably indicating company creditworthiness. Opinions are based on Coface’s expertise in underwriting commercial risk, leveraging our database of over 50 million companies, a wealth of country-specific intelligence and our 65+ years of experience.


With @rating, we put our money where our mouth is. Coface uses the @rating methodology to indicate credit limits on some insurance policies. In North America, @rating is also available as a credit assessment tool, meaning that you can tap in to our underwriting talent even if you are not a policyholder. @rating Credit Opinions can also be monitored, so that you receive an alert when a customer’s situation changes. 


Available by subscription, @rating is underpinned by our global network of resources. Coface subsidiaries and partners contribute local knowledge to a shared credit risk management database. As a result, @rating is built on common standards, allowing our clients to easily assess their customers or suppliers, regardless of location.




The @rating scale

A simple scale is used to reflect the acceptable maximum level of exposure on a single transaction:

R ₹700,000.00
@ ₹1,400,000.00
@@ ₹3,500,000.00
@@@ ₹7,000,000.00
Customized Credit Opinion ₹7,000,000.00 and above
NR Not rated, but indicating no known risk
X Not rated, but indicating possible risk


Ratings are continually monitored so you always receive reliable information for accurate decisions. 


Delivering a Valuable Service

An Indian freight forwarder that specializes in shipments to Middle-East has many long-standing customers as well those that inquire about one-time shipments. In order to speed up the decision regarding whether to extend credit to the unknown customers, the freight forwarder uses Coface Credit Opinions to provide an indication of the amount of credit to extend.


For the long-time customers, the freight forwarder uses Monitored Credit Opinions as a way to keep tabs on any changes in creditworthiness. All portfolio management is handled online through the Cofanet system.