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Collect unpaid debts

In current unstable economic environment, no company could guarantee its revenue will be unaffected by changing market trend, market demand or political uncertainties. Your customers are not exceptions and late payment or unpaid invoices could happen to your company and it could be damaging to your cash flow and your financial position.
Collecting debt payment requires dedicated resources, professionals with good legal knowledge and negotiation skills. Not all businesses are equipped with these resources to do the job. You therefore would seek for the help from a professional service provider.
Commercial Debt Collection
Coface provides commercial debt collection services in some countries. We have strong experience of commercial debt collection to support our credit insurance activities. Coupled with the comprehensive international network of Coface in over 100 countries, we could ensure absolute control of your company’s credit and collection management.
Established in Hong Kong since 1982, Coface Greater China Services Limited is the first business information and debt collection agency in Hong Kong obtained the ISO9001 quality certification on all its operation.
Commercial Debt Collection


Commercial Debt Collection

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