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With more than 75 years of expertise and an extensive international network, Coface stands as a premier global authority in credit insurance and risk management. 

Renowned for our proficiency in business information, political risk and debt collection, Coface is dedicated to empowering clients to safeguard their ventures and cultivate thriving enterprises with unwavering assurance.

A powerful international footprint

Coface is home to the largest international network of all the players on the market and organises its activities around seven regions in the world.

With 162 countries and 13 business sectors assessed throughout the year, Coface manages the risk of export arrears in sync with specific local conditions.

By leveraging our top-tier network, Coface can meet a wide range of needs, including providing cover for subsidiaries of our multinational client companies via a single contract.

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Supporting your growth in India and around the world

As a specialist in credit insurance, we excel in risk analysis to protect businesses.
Explore Coface's dynamic presence in India, delve into our rich history and local expertise. From navigating risks to fostering growth, discover how we empower businesses in the vibrant Indian market.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Dive into our commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility, where sustainability meets innovation. Explore how we strive for a positive impact, and contribute to a resilient future. Discover Coface's journey towards a socially responsible and environmentally conscious tomorrow.

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