Insights about your business partners

Obtain in-depth insights to better assess current or potential business partners with our Reports

Efficiently assess your businesspartners with our informational reports

Leveraging our regularly updated database, you can swiftly access comprehensive reports on any company. Utilize these insights to gauge the company's creditworthiness and payment patterns.

What does a summary report contain?

  • Basic information about the company
  • Key financial indicators
  • A quick assessment, based on the Credit Score
  • The Coface Adjustment, which takes into account our payment experience
  • Our Maximum Credit Recommendation

You receive the Summary Report on companies in over 60 countries instantly.

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What is in a Full report ?

Full Reports are available in 195 countries, and are delivered either instantly or within 1-9 days depending on the country of the company.

  • Information about the company and its management
  • Complete and illustrated financial data
  • The Credit Score, on a scale of 1 to 10, gives the probability of the company defaulting in the next 12 months.
  • Third party payment experience
  • The Coface Adjustment, which takes into account our payment experience as a credit insurer
  • Our Maximum Credit Recommendation


Our innovative digital solutions

iCON by Coface

Welcome to the future of informed decision-making! Explore the power of iCON by Coface. 


• Our cutting-edge platform transforms data into actionable insights, offering real-time information, credit scores, economic analyses, and more. 


• Elevate your business strategy, manage risks effectively, and stay ahead of the competition. 


• Discover a world of possibilities with 'iCON by Coface' – where information becomes your competitive advantage.

Coface API portal

Get access to all your data by integrating our tool with your existing applications through an API connection.


You reduce the need for multiple tools and improve  your company’s productivity.


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URBA360 is an intuitive and interactive web application that provides access to Coface's exclusive data for assessing commercial risk worldwide.

Accessible via the iCON by Coface platform, URBA360 enables users to explore indicators such as the Score, @Credit Opinion and country or sector risk assessment.

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Frequently asked questions

Why did they choose ICON by Coface as their business information provider?

William, Group head of credit control

What I appreciate as an international credit manager is that the information reports from Coface are presented in a single international format: this allows me to make local teams work to common standards and to pool my resources when a team is overloaded.

Jan, Risk Manager

We chose Coface because we needed broad international coverage and a player that could go out and get the information on the unknown company.

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